Check in with Aaliya: Graphic Design Student

Meet our lovely Intern in Britain intern, Aaliya! She's had an awesome experience interning in London. Let's see what she has to say about her internship and the enire BUNAC process...

• Why did you decide to intern in Britain?
I went to university in London, specifically Central St. Martins, and fell in love with the city. I wasn’t ready to leave!

• What was your role on your placed internship?
Having completed a degree in graphic design, I knew that I wanted to enter the digital world. My role involved a variety of aspects ranging from governing the social media to assisting the marketing team with daily tasks.

• Did you meet anyone worthwhile along the way (Professionally)- if so, who?
My mentor on the internship, Anthony, was massive help for me. He showed me the ropes around the company and has taught me invaluable skills that will be essential is I want to progress in my industry.

• How did you find the application process?
Thanks to the Intern in Britain Ultimate team at BUNAC, the application process was so smooth and easy. They were always there for me whenever I had any questions, great customer service!

• What was your favourite experience from living in London?
The office environment I worked in suited me down to the ground! It was nice and casual, and everyone was super nice. We frequently went for work drinks at the ‘Long Arm’ Pub, recommend the burgers in that place.

• What would you recommend to any future interns going to London?
I recommend going straight to the Intern in Britain team, they’re helped me out so much. Don’t apply at the very last minute, as accommodating as BUNAC are, it was quite a stressful experience trying turn everything round in one month! Make sure you go in with a sharp CV and portfolio and be open minded to the types of internships BUNAC can find you, London has so much to offer!

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