Work Canada Costs & Booking

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Customize your experience and complete your booking today to get the ball rolling on your adventure!


We have two amazing program options for you to choose from and both cater for every traveling need! Check out the full breakdown of our Work Canada Costs:

Pay a £95/ $125/ €115 deposit to get your Work Canada adventure started, then choose which program is for you:

  • Essentials: £389/ $720 / €464
  • Ultimate: £529 / $ ??? / €620
  • Returner ( Young Professionals visa): £599 / $749
  • Insurance (Get a quote here)

Due to US citizens getting a confirmed visa spot, full payment is required at the time of booking

Other costs to consider:

  • Visa: $253 CAD
  • ACRO Police Check: £55 / $ ? (+ postage)
  • Support Funds: $2,500 CAD upon entry to Canada
  • Biometrics Appointment: $85 CAD (see below).

Everyone who is selected out of the IEC visa pool and has submitted a complete application to the IEC will need to attend a biometrics appointment at a Canada Visa Application Centre, to give their fingerprints and photos. Find your closest centre here.

How to Book

  • Apply online and pay the deposit. Once you have paid, you will gain access to BUNAC’s Work Canada program which includes expert IEC preparation, advice on what you’ll need crossing the border and options for job hunting. We’ll also assist you in sorting insurance options to cover both work and play so you can start your adventure without any hiccups!
  • Once you've entered the ballot for the visa selection it becomes a waiting game, but don't worry it's the same for all of us as the Canadian Government likes to keep us all on our toes. US citizens will be assigned an invitation to apply upon paying their full balance.
  • You've been selected for an IEC Visa YAY! It's now time to pay your second payment to BUNAC which kick starts your Ultimate or Essentials program... Exciting times!
  • We'll now help you choose your travel insurance and flight options!
  • The day has arrived! It's time to head to Canada on that life changing adventure of yours - don't forget to keep in touch with us as we love new travel stories!